Aftercare is just as important to us as the installation stage. We want to work closely with your centre to offer the best products and services we can and therefore we have a range of service packages for any of your existing assessment and practise rigs or any of the new ones you have purchased from us. All our service plan pricing is based on a maximum of 4 Assessment Rigs.

We offer 4 service packages to suit your needs.

Bronze Package

Our Bronze package is or budget package. We will come to your premises on 1 set date (1 day only) in 1 year to fully service all your electrical assessment rigs only. This includes a full service and minor repairs to any damaged or faulty products found

Silver Package

Our Silver package is a mid-range package. We will attend your premises on 1 set date (2 consecutive days) in 1 year to fully service all your electrical assessment and practise rigs. This includes full service, minor repairs and full test and certification of each rig.

Gold Package

Our Gold package is our most popular package. It includes everything from our silver package but we do this on 2 occasions to suit you during 1 year. This is usual in January (prior to assessment periods) and August (ready for the next academic year)

Platinum Package

Our Platinum package is our top package. It includes everything in the gold package, but unlimited repairs are included within this package.

Our Service plans cannot be purchased online so please get in touch today to discuss your service plans

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