All our practise test and fault rigs (apart from the PV Rigs) are built on 19mm Valchromat board (this is an environmentally friendly product used in furniture making and shop fitting) which comes available in a choice of colours. Please choose your colours at point of sale or leave us a merchant message.

Practise Test Rigs

All our practise Test Rigs are fully mobile. We supply them all with adequate hook wall fixings however they can he screwed direct to the wall or even put out on a work bench. We find this versatility allows all applications of our product allowing it to be used as a classroom aid as well as a workshop aid.

Further to this all our practise test rigs come with a 3-metre lead connected to a UK 3 pin plug allowing to liven up and get realistic test values for Zs, Pfc and RCD/RCBO.

All our practise test rigs come fully equipped with all items ready to use. We provide each rig with a certificate of compliance, PAT Log and an Electrical Installation Certificate.

We have 4 unique designs for our single-phase practise test rigs. These designs have been built to give learners a broad scope of understanding of different installations they will come across in their careers, they also allow the learners to practise and understand what is required by the awarding bodies to complete their qualifications at L3 and above.

Practise Fault Rigs

Our practise single phase fault rigs are the same designs as the above 4 designs for testing however these designs all come with a minimum of 6 different switched faults that can be introduced by the learners or by the tutors. It allows learners to be able to fault diagnose off some simple instructions (like they would gain advise from customers) and be able to understand how rectification could be made to the circuits after diagnosing the faults. All our fault rigs come ready to use with full instructions and for safety these boards will not allow energisation. These are a great addition to our range of products.

3phase Test/Fault Rigs

These rigs allow learners to undertake 3phase testing as well as understanding the processes of 3phase machinery and the diversity of single phase supplies. Both our 3phase Test Rig and our 3phase Fault Rigs come with a minimum of

·       1x 3phase circuit

·       1x lighting circuit

·       1x Ring Final Circuit

·       1x Sub Distribution Circuit

·       Multiple Containment Systems

·       Minimum of 4 different wiring systems

·       Earth Bonding

·       Supplementary Bonding

·       Simulated or real 3 phase supplies

On our fault rig you have a minimum of 12 switched faults from Open Circuit and Short Circuit to Phase down circuits and Earth Fault currents

Plumbing Rigs

We have also generated 2 unique designs for fault fining of plumbing systems. The rigs we have designed are an S Plan and a Y Plan and can be used across departments both electrically and plumbing to help learners to understand the wiring systems themselves and be able to diagnose and rectify faults that may occur within a plumbing system. Our Plumbing rigs come ready wired and simulate a full heating system with real valves and controls and simulated pumps and boilers. These 2 products are a fantastic addition to any colleges and training centres learning aids

EV Test/Fault Rigs

With the ever-growing EV charge industry, we have designed a rig allowing learners to fully understand the installation and testing of EV charge points and how these can be installed not just off a single circuit but also straight off a main supply. Please contact us for more information

Other Rigs

We also offer a full scope of demonstration rigs and display posters. All our display posters come on washable Correx boards. These displays and demonstration rigs include.

·       PV Arrays

·       Testing Process

·       Electrical Energy Sources

·       Earthing Systems

·       Basic Electrical Calculations

·       Transformers and PF Correction

·       Supply Intakes

·       Earthing Systems

Please contact us direct for more information or if you have a bespoke design request.

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