Assessment Rigs

We are a company that is in a very fortunate position of some of our staff have worked in FE and the private training sectors and understand awarding body requirements for Assessment Rigs. Therefore, as a company we can offer a full bespoke package of Assessment Rig building. Some of our rigs can be built remotely at our Workshop and shipped or delivered to your centre others we can build in house at your centre. This bespoke package can also include any infrastructure that needs to be in place to have these rigs operational. Full free site visits can be arranged be calling or emailing us and we would be more than happy to discuss any of your requirements. Our assessment rigs are in-line with EAL and City and Guilds standards and specifications, but a full EQA visit would still be needed to gain full approval of the rigs we install.

We offer Assessment rigs based on

  •  Safe Isolation Rigs
  • Transformer Calculations Rigs
  • Level 3 (Apprentice and Diploma) Testing and Fault Rigs
  • Level 3 Testing and Inspection Rigs (2391 or equivalent)

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